Smart manufacturing engineering

We support the manufactures with most recent machines and advanced technology based on our methods.

Technology feature

Combining 3D-CAD with CAE and different types of the 3D printers, we can make the accurate measured final figures in a short time.


We are requested to supply the precise figures with high quality in order to make the final molded products from all over Japanese manufactures. We also accept trainees from the companies to diffuse our methods and technical know-hows in order to save time and effort for making the molded products.



Excess Sludge reduction system using Carriers based on Acrylic Pile Fabric

The effective sludge reduction system in activated sludge process for wastewater treatment by use of the piled fabric was established. This is a remarkable eco-friendly system with no chemicals.

Technology feature

The abundance of protozoa, metazoa and tubifexes on biomass carriers should enhance the sludge reduction by the food chain including tubifexes.


In food factory wastewater treatment, we succeeded in reducing excess sludge production more than 80% by this ESCAPE system with tremendously low energy and cost.

Front and back face of the pile fabric Front and back face of the pile fabric

Layers of pile fabrics in the metal frameLayers of pile fabrics in the metal frame

Wastewater treatment in use at the food factoryWastewater treatment in use at the food factory

Tubifexes attached on pile fabricsTubifexes attached on pile fabrics


The innovative designed pattern combining with the different loop lengths on the single jersey knitted fabric is appeared by controlling the yarn tension only.

Technology feature

The breakthrough design system on the plain single jersey fabric by adding the yarn feeding tension is newly invented. On the each needle the yarn tension is added with four different strength. Therefore four different color depths are appeared on the surface using two different color yarns.


BRUSHNITThese are all made of only single jersey fabrics without Jacquard system.